Gender neutral fragrance

Pour homme, pour femme, pour everyone!

Thursday Fragrance is for everyone

At Thursday Fragrance, we believe that scents have no gender. That’s why all our fragrances are unisex, or gender neutral. When you really think about it, it’s wild that perfumes are labelled for men or for women. Why can’t women enjoy the scent of leather, wood, and spice? And why can’t men want to smell like roses or chocolate? Fragrances are for everyone, regardless of their gender identity. For those who don’t identify as male or female, it’s even more important to have gender-free, or gender-neutral, options. We want to break down the limitations and expectations that come with choosing a scent, and instead encourage people to wear what they love and wear it with confidence.

The history of gendered fragrances

Gendered fragrances have been around for over a century – advertisers have found it easier to market them by targeting specific genders. However, fragrances weren’t always defined by gender. In ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, scent was a sign of social status and wealth, and there were no gender differentiations. It wasn’t until the late 19th century, when the middle class emerged, that gender roles became more pronounced.

The stereotypes we see today, such as heavy scents for men and sweet florals for women, were created during this time. Advertisers marketed fragrances to middle-class men as something they needed after a hard day’s work, while women were expected to wear lighter fragrances because they were at home – taking it easy, apparently. These ‘smelleotypes’ have become ingrained and self-fulfilling, they’ve shaped our expectations of how men and women should smell.

At Thursday Fragrance, we believe it’s time to create new scent memories and associations – let’s break away from the stereotypes. Our inclusive fragrances are designed to make you feel happy, whoever you are. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should smell like!