How to get the most out of your fragrances

Making your scent last longer and work harder

Some fragrance materials just don’t last that long, citrus is a prime example among other things. And some, known as skin scents, stay super close to you, so how do you get the most of them?

There’s no magic formula that extends the life or radius of your favourite perfume, but you can try these five tips to improve its performance:

1. Make sure your skin is moisturised

Fragrances stick to moisturised skin better than dry skin, so make sure you’re well moisturised. Unscented lotion is best, so that your perfume doesn’t have to compete with any other smells.

2. Don’t rub your wrists together

Don’t do it. We know you want to. We all want to! Rubbing the fragrance degrades the top notes so if your wrist is dripping, gently dab it on to another pulse point instead

3. Scent your hair

Perfume adheres to hair very well. Don’t go mad spritzing it on your barnet though – it’s mainly alcohol so it won’t do it any favours. Spritz the air above your head once and let it settle.

4. Dampen to refresh

Have you ever noticed that your perfume revives when you first get in the shower? There are two reasons for this: heat and moisture. So, if you need to revive your fragrance on the fly, dampen your wrists ever so slightly with warm water. Not so much that you wash it away though.

5. Apply to fabric – but beware

You will have already noticed that some perfumes really stick around on clothing. Jumpers and scarves can keep fragrance for days. Spritz these items if you are looking for comfort and longevity. However, be cautious and show restraint. Some perfumes can discolour fabric.

How to store your perfume

Most fine fragrances are predominantly made from alcohol, which means they will last a year and beyond. If you keep your perfumes in their original bottles, and in a cool, dark place their lifespan could extend well beyond that. The bathroom is one of the worst places you can keep your scents as the temperature in there fluctuates. Keep in mind the life of a perfume is also greatly influenced by its ingredients. If your fragrance contains a lot of natural materials that oxidise readily, it won’t last as long as those with more synthetics in.

Another tip when your favourite, or limited edition, fragrance is almost finished, use it up! Enjoy it, don’t try to keep the dregs for a special occasion because the more air that’s in the bottle, the quicker it will start to spoil. Use it or lose it.