Independent fragrance

For independent people

Thursday Fragrance is a UK based independent fragrance house founded in Bristol in 2022.  Being independently owned brings some real benefits, both to the customer and our creativity.

No tight briefs

No one likes a tight brief. Big perfume brands will come up with a concept and write a brief. For example: a fragrance for women aged 18-25, that’s fun, flirty and fruity, and that costs however much to make. And it’s usually pretty tight on the cost front because most of the budget is spent on creating an ad campaign and a cool bottle. Perfumers – or “noses” – then bid to fulfil that brief. Winning a contract can be lucrative and there’s no doubt that smashing a brief is a great feeling. But is that really what those super-talented noses want to make?

Being independent means:

  • We can be creative. We don’t have to follow trends or be mindful of what has previously been commercially successful. If we want to explore something that we know might not be a big crowd pleaser – but will still smell amazing – we can. We don’t have to fear big bosses pushing back on liquorice or banana notes, for example.
  • We use the ingredients we want to use. There’s no one saying to us “We like it, make it smell like that – but cheaper” If we want to use the best, we can!
  • You’re directly supporting a real person. And not only that,when you buy from us, or any other independent fragrance brand, you’re championing perfumery as an artform. You’re promoting individuality and creativity and that’s something to be glad about.