The magic of Magic +Science

I find this is the hardest of my fragrances – so far – to explain to others. All Thursday fragrances are inspired by moments of joy. They’re specific to me but I think they’re relatable. At some point I think we’ll start creating scents inspired by other people’s moments of delight, but for now I have many more moments to mine!

The original inspiration behind Magic + Science was a tea. You can find it here – it’s very nice. The two things don’t actually smell alike, although there is some common aromas; there’s a bit lavender, vanilla, and citrus in Magic + Science, as there is in the tea. The inspiration was from the way the tea made me feel. I’d created an evening ritual with the tea so I associated it with winding down, relaxing, night-time and the colour purple. Despite the label being red, the tea tasted purple to me.

So I wanted to encapsulate the feeling the tea gave me and create an aroma that smelled purple.

Violet and lavender obviously give a purple note, which is where I started. I added a sour cherry and vanilla note to make the scent rounder and smoother. The cardamom gave it a spicy depth that made it feel a bit darker (It’s honestly a struggle for me not to add cardamom to every single thing I create – I love it so much.) And lime gave it a lift and sparkle right at the top. It did indeed smell purple to me. And that felt magical – much like smelling many things. Scent can take you to a different time, place or mood. It can inspire you, impart a colour or a shape… it really feels like magic to me. But it’s just science. And that’s how it got the name!

One of my favourite comments about this scent is that it ‘smells like the night’ which was just perfect. If you want to know what Magic + Science sounds like to me, you can check out my play list here. But before you do, ask yourself what it sounds like to you. Let me know! I’m always interested in what people think my fragrances sound like, or what colour or shape they associate with them.