Why Thursday?

It’s a question we get a lot, so we dedicated a whole page to the answer

Calling the brand after our founder was never going to happen – you need an interesting or elegant name for that. So instead, we thought long and hard about what name would convey our ethos. And we came up with Thursday. Here’s why:

It’s the best day of the week. Thursday is the gateway to the weekend – it’s when you start to mentally unwind and get excited for what’s to come. Before that Friday feeling, you get that Thursday feeling.

The word Thursday comes from ‘Thor’s Day’ who was the god of storms in Norse mythology. And in other languages, such as French and Spanish, Thursday translates to ‘Day of Jupiter’ who was also a god of thunder and storms. Same guy, surely.

Anyway – what’s so good about Jupiter? Well, the god is associated the power of the divine, growth and learning. And in astrology Jupiter is associated with optimism, abundance, opportunity and luck.

So Thursday = optimism, luck and opportunity. And that’s exactly what Thursday Fragrance is all about. So, get your Thursday Fragrance on and look forward.